What Happened in Fall 2022?

Hello and welcome to the Wiki Knights blog! My name is Olga Ivashyna, the Secretary of Wiki Knights as of Fall 2022. This blog post will function as an introduction to the organization. This will begin by talking with our current President, Jerrett Longworth, in an interview-style setting. In the future, you can expect regular updates on our organization’s doings here.

Q: Please introduce yourself and how you got involved with Wiki Knights.
A: My name is Jerrett Longworth and I am currently a senior working on finishing my Bachelors in Computer Science. I first joined Wiki Knights my freshman year in Spring 2020 when the founder, John Martinous III, was speaking in classrooms around campus and came into my philosophy class one day. His speech about the mission of Wiki Knights piqued my interest and I decided to attend a meeting to see what it was about. After my first meeting, I found myself with a great group of people and decided to stick around since.

Q: How long have you been the president of Wiki Knights?
A: I have been President since Summer 2022. Before that, I have been Vice President between Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

Q: For what purpose was the club formed and what does that mean?
A: The main mantra of Wiki Knights is that “information should be free,” in the sense that you should not need to pay for access to knowledge. Wiki Knights started as a group that would create and discuss free, public textbooks for courses at UCF and other universities, and would also involve using existing platforms such as OpenStax, Pressbooks, and Wikipedia. The goal is to help replace materials in education and make information more accessible and reliable. 

Q: Have any teachers partnered up with the club’s goals?
A: Yes, we have worked with professors in the past and many have been receptive, such as Dr. Alisha Janowsky, who teaches General Psychology.

Q: Do you have any other comments you’d like to make?
A: I believe Wiki Knights holds a unique purpose and goal that not many others on campus do. I see the value in this organization and am so pleased to see the leaps it has made over the years to continue to encourage others about the future we believe in. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to talk about our work.

In the last semester, Fall 2022, we made a number of efforts to work forward on our mission.

Here’s what we did:

  • Worked with UCF Student Government to publish Resolution 53-38 (“Resolution Encouraging the University of Central Florida to Support the Use of Open Textbooks”).
  • Test-drove free and open supplementary resources for Introduction to C (COP 3223).
  • Met with UCF’s Marching Knights at their first ever Organization Fair!
  • Begun developing a repository of mappings between currently-used paid textbooks and homework to free and open alternatives.

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